Leader-Tribune from Marion, Indiana (2024)

LEADER TRIBUNE TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 25, 1936. NAB ALLEGED PIG THIEVES Atkins, of Blackford county, was arrested at Hartford City last. night for the alleged theft of two hogs, valued at $12, and his father-in-law, Jess Harrell, of Grant county, was arrested near Upland on a charge of receiving and concealing the stolen porkers. The arrests were made by Deputy Orville Wells and Sheriff Jacob Campbell, who investigaed the theft yesterday morning, after Waldo Seavers reported the robbery. Camypbell said last night he had obtained confession from Atkins after searching Harrell's farm" "and finding the hogs.

Atkins is said to have insisted that his father-in-law knew the pigs were stolen. Ho hauled them from the Seavers farm, he told Campbell, in his sedan. Both men are confined in Jail in lieu 'of bond. Complication of: diseases proved fatal to Belle Whiteneck, 68, life county resident, Sunday at the home Thomas Hendricks, Wabash pike. She had been in ill health for the last ten years.

Rev. M. Dawson, Anderson, former, pastor the First U. B. church here, will officiate at the funeral at the residence at 1:30 p.

m. today. Survivors are two daughters, Mrs. Esta Richards, at home, and Mrs. Wiley, Marion; a son, John Whiteneck, Warsaw; ten grandchildren; six great grandchildren; two brothers, Thomas and Burr Hendricks, Pleasant township, and sister, Mrs.

Edna. Nichols, Lafontaine. Mrs. 68, Dies Sunday WABASH JUDGE REFUSES MOTION FOR NE WTRIAL Wabash, Nov. for 8 new trial in the suit of the Indians: Michigan.

Electric Co. against Edward S. Brown, which was brought here on change of was denied by Judge Frank O. Switzer today and attorneys then asked the right to appeal the case to the appellate court. Ninety days were given to perfect the appeal and were given to furnish an.

appeal: bond. in the sum of $2,500 URGES NEW TRAFFIC CONTROL Successful control of traffic Reigate, by his "own method; Methas prompted Head Constable salfe to urge its, wider use. favors a system by which there would be less movement of, the traffic off'cers arms. This, he thinks, could managed by an understanding on the part of motorists other road jusers that. they must not approach corner traffic officer from either the front or the back.

However he is standing, traffic would approach him only from the sides, according to this system. All that ho would have. to do would be to turn about. To Wed Grid Star Associated Press Photo Laura Pope Day, second In the family to wed Harvard football captain, will marry James "Red" Barrett, captain of last year's eleven. She is the daughter of Jo seph P.

Day, wealthy New York real estate dealer. of the five-acre corn contest bash county were announced today by L. O. Deleplane, county agricultural agent. C.

E. Troyer, Lafontaine, had the highest yield in county, getting 122.9 bushels to the acre off his fiveacre tract. Alvah Richards was second with 104.7 bushels; Robert Briner of North Manchester. was third. with 99.9 bushels to the acre; Gordon Downey prodaced 95.7 bushels to the E.

W. Hinesley of North Manchester had 94.7 bushels to the acre. Active First Lady Five -Acre Corn Prizes Awarded WABASH, Nov. 24-Winners asociated Press Photo Besides leading. social and temperance work, Senora de Mejia Colindres, wife of the prest.

dent unofficial of Honduras, ambassador has to served neighbor. as an Ing central American countrles. Tracks. on West Coast Offer of several far western and Pacific coast race tracks now make it possible for owners and breeders of thoroughbreds to enjoy almost continuous competition. The Agua Caliente winter session of 81 days starting Christmas day, with its 17 stake events, headed by the "world's richest race," the 000 Agua Caliente handicap, tops the list.

Move to San Francisco. The summer meeting at this 1a- mous track will open next July. 4 and continue through Labor day, a 52-day run. Arlington Downs, the Waggoner track midway between Dallas, and Fort Worth, lead the autumn schedule, and will "break the jump from the East" with its 11-day program between Nov. 1 and 11.

The horsem*n will more from Arlington to Tanforan, Francisco, where on Nov. 15 a 25-day schedule of racing will start, followed here. by the Christmas day 'opening Del Monte has announced a 10-day session following the Agua Caliente closing March 29. Then Tanforan will -swing into line for another, 25 days starting late in has been reported that Pomona will give a 25-day meeting between the closing of Tanforan and the July opening at Agua Caliente. Tanforan and Agua Caliente provide many opportunities for stake horses and Del Monte proposes sev- cluding a steeplechase' classic which should attract "leapers" of high rank.

900 at Tanforan. Tanforan of San Francisco has reservations for 900 gallopers for the autumn gathering and the Agda Caliente management anticipates its 1,436 stalls will be filled. California breeding establishments have produced more than, 1,000 yearlings to of racing age January 1. The 1930 crop expected to exceed the 1,000 mark. John E.

Sanford, owner of the Hurricana stud farm at Amsterdam, was the first to enter a horse in the $140,000 Ague Caliente handicap. He entered the sensational 3-yearold colt, Starpatic. Others of the Sanford stables will be entered, marking their first appearance: "on the Pacific coast. Wins 7 Out of 15. Starpatic, son of Star Master and Simpatica, to date in 1930 has won seven purses in 15 starts.

Twice he placed second, four times third. At Saratoga he won the Hamburg handicap from Adequate and Finite, mile in 1:30 3-5, with 122 pounds up. He won the Ormondale handicap on the same track, 120 up, running the mile in 1:37 3-5. Starpatic, bought by Sanford from Frank E. Brown, scored a brilliant triumph at Empire City in the Knickerbocker handicap, vanquishing.

Polygamous and Limbus. He defeated eight good horses in the Belmont Park handicap. wrist Steady Winter Card of Racing AGUA CALIENTE, Nov. feral feature races for spring, in- CONDUCT SERVICES FOR JOHN IVORY AT WABASH Wabash, Nov. 24.

Funeral services were held at the St. Bernard's Catholic church at 9 m. Monday for John Ivory, 81, who died at the county hospital Saturday night- after a five-months' illness with paralysis. He was born in Ireland, but came to this county, when He is survived children, Pat, Fred and Hugh of Kalamazoo, John of Danville, and Mrs. John Bahlor of Anderson.

CORONER AT WABASH FILES TWO REPORTS Wabash, -Nov. 24. Carl Stineman, county coroner, today filed verdict found that recent Minnie -Neff, 65; Lafontaine, died from a complication of- diseases. She had refused all medical treatment. Oliver Bannister died of a fractured skull, the coroner reported.

AIRPLANE CATCHES FIRE, KILLS TWO MEN Detroit, 24. Two -men were killed here today when a Ford Co. experimental alrplane -caught Dre 800 feet in the air and crashed to. the ground, pinning the. two occupants in the flaming wreckage.

The dead are Myron Zeller, the pilot, and Carl Wenzel, 30, the me: chanic. MARION LAD PLEDGED Bloomington, Nov. Delta Gamma honorary debating, dramatic and Journalistic fraternity at Indiana University, has announced the pledging of Robert Gemmill, of Marion. GRAPES TOES CELERY CRANBERRIES YES WE DELIVER -PHONE 1090 EVERYTHING MIXED It for Pineapple Thanksgiving Hawallan 8 Stie es 2 Dinner! Cans 45c SLAn PUDDING PLUM Coffee Swans Down Luxury Brand Cake Flour PaL. Lb.

25 19c dO Mince Meat Marvins Condensed 2 25c RANGES 537ddV Cranberries Tokay Taney Grapes Cape Coda Lb. 15c 3 FRESH TTUCE Head English Lettuce Walnuts Solid Heads 2 Lb. for 28c 15c EXTRA OYSTERS STANDARD PUMPKIN Apples Fall Rambos Lbs. 25c QUART 59c sweet Potatoes Ind. Jerseys 3 Lbs.

PINT 33c Raisins Seedless 2. Lbs. CHICKENS Plum Pudding Libbys Can 29 DRESSED Lb. Bread Treat Baked 3: 1-3 Lb. Leaves 8c COUNTRY Average APPLES ORANGES Pork Sausage Roasts Pure Park, Selected Own Make Cuts La.

Lb. 20c 18c 37c Lb. PLUM Butter: Fresh Churned, Creamery Lb. 33 ORANGES NUTS Ducks Dressed, and Feet off Navels, California Sunkist 2c NATIONAL CO. PUDDING Corner Fifth Wash MARION, IND.

MIXED NUTS ORANGES PUMPKIN LETTUCE APPLES 11. Enough said- 3 4 5 I milder A and 4 3 better taste 3 2 ONE will always stand out! 9 1910, Co. Emergency Aid (Continued From Page One) recent meeting of the committee to take care of the school children first. Mr. Connors said that he had made a direct appeal to hundreds of Marion citizens but he added that.

any contributions would be gratefully received, for the cold weather makes the immediate need for clothing more urgent than ever. A list of those who have contributed tothe committee's emergency, fund Pulley follows: $2.00 L. R. Lindley 2.00 E. O.

Harrold 1.00 Dr. Paul J. F. Johnson Loomis 1.00 3.00 -Frank Schwartz. 5.00 John Auten 5.00 1.00 John R.

Browne 5.00 Wm. H. Braunlin 2.00 Dr. N. W.

Hiatt 2.00 John A. Rhue 2.00 Dr. J. D. McKay 1.50 Paul Moreland 1.00 C.

L. Houston 1.00 Wood Blackburn 5.00 J. W. Kelley 1.00 J. G.

Lander 1.00 Gus Condo 2.00 C. McDonald 1.00 Frank. Butterworth 2.00T Rev. M. L.

Grant 1.00 Ben Larrimer 1.00 E. 0. Bender $5.00 C. E. Hayes 1.00 Elsworth.

Harvey 5.00 C. E. Hutchins 2.00 J. H. Macadam 1.00 E.

O. Daniels 5.00 R. R. Batton 5.00 Dr. Harrold List 1.00 J.

G. Searles 1.00 Lewis Newbarger 1.00 Roy Kelley 5.00 Fred Rhorer 1.00 Harry Moore 1.00 Dr. M. C. Kennedy 1.00 Julian Lett 2.00 Lon Bartow 1.00 Henry Erlewine 1.00 E.

F. Warfel 1.00 John Ferree 1.00 F. 0. Broyles 1.00 Arnold Hogan 1.00 Billy Connors 5.00 M. M.

Alexander 1.00 Victor Walmer 1.00 J. R. Beaver 10.00 Ophelia Brunka 1.00 Carl Barney 5.00 E. V. Barney 2.00 L.

E. Ferguson 1.00 Herman J. Keim 1.00 McMahan Leib 1.00 Geo. Zimmerman 10.00 E. M.

Turechek 1.00 E. S. Halley 1.00 W. A. Fankboner 5.00 Rome Calender 10.00 C.

J. Overman 2.00 U. T. Griffith 1.00 Curran Roofing 5.00 The Paris 1.00 Dr. Chas.

Priest 2.00 Ray's 2.00 S. W. Winder 2.00 H. L. Haram 5.00 T.

E. Windsor 1.00 Miller Bros. Co. 1.00 State Roofing Sup. 2.00 Mrs.

J. W. Stephenson 15.00 George Webster 5.00 Geo. A. Osborn 5.00 Philip Matter Estate 5.00 G.

W. Heinzmann Son 5.00 Paul Jones 1.00 Baum Williamson 1.00 Marion Frt. 5.00 H. K. York 10.00 Hamburger Cafe 10.00 0.

M. Drischel 15.00 Producers Creamery Co. 2.00 Butler's Music Co. 3.00 Frasee, A. T.

2.00 Nathan Strauss 1.00 Ralph Roessler 1.00 0. 0. Wolf 2.00 Melvin Green, of 610 South Boots street, was removed from the Grant county hospital Sunday, after receiving treatment for minor injuries received late Saturday night when knocked to the pavement by hitand-run autoist, at. Sixth and Bradson streets. LEGION AT WABASH AIDS UNEMPLOYED VETERANS Nov.

24. The local post of the American Legion today had completed plans for signing up all former service men. Former veterans who are seeking work have. been asked to go to the Lagion headquarters at. Memorial hall or to the Talbert garage here where application cards can be filled out.

The Legion service is for former veterans only. LEAVES NATIONAL BELLAS HESS CO. 5TH WASHINGTON STS. MARION, IND. Another of "National's" Great Apparel Events! A Leading Style Creator's Close-Out Sale! 200 NEW $143 75 SILK DRESSES A Special Purchase--Sale Starts Wednesday! es at This was so successful that our New one of the country's leading makers--all brand just as good.

Here is the entire $14.75 stock of new first-quality silk dresses, styled for winter York 1930-31, REMEMBER buyer at the went our sale out remarkably last immediately week low of price to new of get $10 $6.60. another dress- 060 YOU WILL BE DELIGHTED TO FIND CANTON CREPES, all silk transparent velvets, printed 16 chiffon dresses, and combinations of these matertransparent velvet jacket suits, wool lace dresses, Less 3. ials. Beautiful Than Styles for Daytime, Afternoon, Many of these dresses are samples and many and Even for Formal Occasions. are one of a kind, Second so early Floor-South choosing Side, is good.


Leader-Tribune from Marion, Indiana (2024)
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